InQ2XL - Big Ideas Bigger Businesses

Started and managed by a Stanford University student, InQ2XL is an innovation incubator for school and university students and a business accelerator for startups and established SMEs. It inspires them to dream big, and facilitates them to accomplish bigger goals as projects and businesses. It provides them makerspaces and tools, training and mentoring, networking and funding - so they can excel in their pursuit to solve a big problem with small steps. 

InQ2XL has now partnered with ITB Commerce to offer its members an easy to use, end to end SAAS software platform so their ideas, projects and businesses can finally say: "Hello, (big, wide) world!" by selling and growing online.

InQ2XL appoints partner organizations at country and city level. It has partnerships with Flagship schools and universities as role models for other institutions, and with government entities, alumni associations, private companies and NGOs.

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